Meydan Mor Alon
I’m 28 years old, based in Israel. At the age of 22 I went on a long trip to Australia and New Zealand, where I discovered my passion for photography and video. I assure you would understand why I chose to learn professional photography and video editing at the first second I came back home. In 2016, I began studying for a B.F.A degree in photography and communication at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. During my studies I did my internship and several independent works as a video editor and photographer. I took a part in many productions in the world of visual media, and participated as an instructor in three youth delegations to London, where I also documented the delegations. As a former professional boxer and black karate belt owner, I worked as a photographer and video editor at the Boxing World Cup in Europe documenting the Israeli team. All the experiences I went through during my life has made me realize that my great passion in life is video, photography ,content editing, documenting the world and telling a new story